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The Trademark publication provides the name of the holder of brand and product names on the internet. It contains only paid, registered tradenames and designs with their U.S.P.T.O. / CIPO registration numbers and classes. Your data will be published upon receipt of payment for a term of two years. You will be notified in sufficient time to extend your registration. Publication on the T.M.I. trademark register ensures the registered party a worldwide publication on the internet. This publication is an elective service and does not substitute for registration nor prolong the validity of this trademark with U.S.P.T.O. / CIPO. The corporation will not accept liability either for the accuracy or completeness of the registered information or for trademark protection. Changes will be made free of charge upon receipt of a written request. If the trademark is partially or entirely assigned to another owner, the corporation must be informed in writing. Premature cancellation of your entry must be requested in writing to: